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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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run. the all-out search manhunt for a gunman who shot and killed three officers in canada. and get ready for an early blast of summer heat. 10 to 15 degrees above average for today. triple digits over the weekend and then the heat cranks. all the way into next week. we are going to be in the thick of it. your full forecast in moments. maybe you can head here into the little bit of fog we have at the golden gate bridge. the bay bridge toll plaza has a little bit longer wait and we're talking about the muni situation, as well. it is going to get pretty warm here, mike. take a live look outside from the south bay this morning. it is thursday, june 5th. this is "today in the bay." and a good thursday morning to you, thanks for joining us i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a fiery explosion tearing through two homes in southern
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california. it is happening in oxnard which is in ventura county. now, according to the ventura county star, there are no reports of any injuries. so far it's unclear what sparked this explosion. our nbc station in los angeles has a helicopter on the way and said to be a huge explosion. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. an update to another breaking story we've been following all morning. police are still waiting for the coroner to show up on the foothills of san jose to help them figure out what happened to a man found dead in the middle of the street. the man was found on piercy road overnight. bob redell has been out along that road since it was dark out. evidence at the scene indicating it could be a deadly hit and run. what do you know? >> definitely suspicious. the man found dead here down around the bend there on piercy road is where he is located right now. the police do not know if he was murdered or he was killed in a hit and run accident. someone called 911 early this
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morning to report the body. when they arrived around 1:20, the officers, that is, they found the man face down, unconscious, not breathing. obvious injuries to him. fire department declared him dead on the scene. police say there are tire marks nearby that indicate this could be a hit and run, emphasis on could. not 100% certain on that. the coroner was able to turn him over and get a better look at his injuries. >> he's laying face down and maybe some other injuries that give us other indications as to the extent of what happened here as a result of maybe that he was hit by a car or they may discover something else. again, too early to determine. >> officers did find identification on the man to indicate he might be hispanic in his mid-30s. you can see street lamps out here. i did speak with a neighbor earlier who said these street lamps aren't always on. when we were out here, the road was always dark. out here at 1:20 or whenever
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this incident happened and not clear if there were loathes on piercy road when it happened. the homicide unit is on the scene this does not mean this was a murder. they will continue to handle this investigation until they determine otherwise. if they determine it was a hit and run, the traffic investigation would come ovut t take over this investigation. they believe he eis hispanic in his mid-30s found dead here on piercy road. reporting live, bob redell "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. 6:03. a navy pilot in the hospital after a jet crashed into the sea off the coast of san diego. hornet went down as it was trying to make a late night landing on an aircraft carrier. the pilot ejected out of the plane before it went into the water. cell phone cameras captured these flames in imperial valley
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after it landed in homes yesterday afternoon. the pilot in this case also ejected safely and amazingly no one on the ground was hurt. now to a developing and gripping story in canada where an all-out search is currently under way right now for a gunman on the run. that suspect is wanted for killing three police officers and injuring two others in a spray of bullets and it's all happening on the east coast of canada north of nova scotia. peggy bunker joins us in our studio with new details on what's going on in this active search. peggy? >> this happened in a residential neighborhood and new video into our newsroom this morning of this shooting that killed three royal mounted police officers and injured two of them in new brunswick, canada. it went down in the neighborhood town of moncton. we want to warn you it is scary to listen to what they heard.
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expecting something so horrific to go down right in front of their own eyes. >> did you see him? go down. >> he shot him. >> oh, my god! call 911. >> they did call 911 after they witnessed three royal canadian mounted police killed in the shootings. two were also shot. they have critical injuries and they are expected to survive. five shot in total. this all started after 7:00 p.m. last night after police tweeted out this picture of a heavily armed moncto resident. police have been looking all night for him and everyone in that neighborhood is still on lockdown and looking for him and they believe he is still in the neighborhood there. many people there have not left their homes since and people are being encouraged not to drive into that area. now, back to that eyewitness, vanessa, her whole family watched as this scene sort of unfolded. innocently looking out their window and they don't normally see police activity there.
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she's been interviewed this morning saying she is racked with guilt they could not protect the officers as they watched him approach. apparently the officers didn't see him but they could see him from their window. >> what a window into that shooting, thank you. things are looking up for thousands of frustrated commuters it appears the muni sickout is over. right now, it is said that all service is returning to regular routes, including the cable cars, that's good news for people visiting the bay area. the muni sickout started on monday with hundreds of drivers off the job. muni drivers are in the middle of a contract dispute and they are not allowed to strike. city attorneys filed legal charges claiming the sickout is skirting the law. >> just outlined the tentacles felt from monday through wednesday and clear up now. just the usual bumps and bruises. >> folks have to adjust and we
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give the all-clear from their spokesperson paul rodes, but getting back to work after a vacation, as well, just any time you have the readjustment, it's a little rocky sometimes. we'll track that. back to normal service and routes and the cable cars are back in service and tourists are very happy, as well. we don't hear about any problem. b.a.r.t. back to their normal service and no longer honoring the muni fares. we will track that. meanwhile, the rest of your bay moves very smoothly and as far as the freeways very light volume of traffic so far this week. looking to the far north bay and top of your screen southbound 101 and redwood and all to the same area and your fast lane is blocked because of a big pot hole that had to be fixed. they just had to shut down that lane and looking at 8:00 for that reopening. we hope that makes novato and san rafael lighter and down towards the bay bridge toll plaza with a smooth flow of
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traffic, as well. we'll stick with these maps as we look to the rest of the bay and the drive through the tri-valley and typical slowing and the earlier crash i told you about the dublin grade and no updates on that and no slowing past that scene. the rest of your bay moves very quickly, you guys. one more live shot out there and see how things are shaping up as far as the traffic goes. this is the north bay and end with this shot of the southbound direction. we talked about traffic being held up coming out of novato because of the road work and lighter volume at the curves. good stuff. >> that is nice and good news, too, if you like the heat at all. >> for sure. going to get a little haste of summer here. >> i don't like the kitchen, i'll tell you that much. temperatures are looking good. we've got a hot day ahead. sam, you know, you may not be familiar with sam brock, but, hey, get used to him because he is one of our anchors here at nbc bay area. and we love having you with us on the morning. 58 degrees this morning.
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thank you for joining us, as well. temperatures looking good out there. it is comfortable. you can even go, i'm a little more brazen than most, but i can tell you as we head throughout the day today, you won't need a jacket. mostly clear to start and little bit of patchy fog out there and compressed marine layer. if you live in the high rises in san francisco, one of those mornings you're looking down on that fog bank. sunny skies before noon. we'll lose that fog quickly and temperatures will warm up rapidly as a result. the coast will stay cool and temperatures will be hot inland. 81 degrees from the peninsula even and 91 degrees out in the east bay and 70 degrees in san francisco for today. meanwhile 86 in the north bay and want to give you a preview of where we're headed in the north bay as we get into the weekend and next week. we'll stick with this heat all the way through tuesday and i'll let you know when the heat will break and going on across the bay area this week. free events for you and the family. right now, back to you guys. the giants have a homestand coming up and they're hot, it's all coming into one perfect.
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6:09 today right now on "today in the bay." coming up a bay area bridge out of a joint. the new problem that could rattle you during the next big earthquake. >> one would not hope. the massive flames force parents to throw their screaming children out of a two-story window. new details on the out of control fire that sent at least 23 firefighters to the hospital. and a live image right now of the golden gate bridge as folks commuting in and out of the city getting ready for a day of work. we will be right back. nbc bay area honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting and public service and television journalism. all from the society of professional journalists. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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here are today's top
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stories. homicide investigators have shut down a two-lane road in south san jose to try to figure out what happened to a man who was found dead in the middle of the street. they haven't said how he died, but did say he had "visible injuries." president obama finishing up meetings in brussels before heading to france. he will mark the 7th anniversary of the d-day invasion where he might have his first face-to-face interaction with russian president vladimir putin since the crisis in ukraine began. the hometown of sergeant bowe bergdahl canceled a celebration following hateful calls saying he does not deserve to be honored. he was freed over the weekend in exchange for five taliban detainees. 6:13. new this morning 23 firefighters and 11 others were hurt in a fire that burned out of control on staten island overnight. the fire destroyed three town hms and it took about 200
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firefighters all night, just to get it under control. witnesses say a man screaming from a window tossed two small children down to a couple below. the children were shaken up, but are said to be okay. crews are still now on the scene dealing with hot spots out there. the injuries range from minor to serious but none are life threatening. the number is expected to climb slightly. new concerns for drivers who use bay area bridges this morning a seismic joint on the carquinez bridge is showing signs of wear and tear. that type of joint is similar to the joints on the new span of the bay bridge. "today in the bay" christie smith is live on the carquinez bridge and these joints, how long are they supposed to last? >> they are supposed to last a little more than 20 years. what happened here is that a recent inspection revealed problems in one area, an area heavily used by trucks and the problem is cracks in the seismic joint meant to help absorb movement in an earthquake. this is closer to the vallejo
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side and designed to last more than 20 years. the problem, though, has popped up in less than ten on a span that was finished in 2003. the issues are below deck. apparently heavy use by trucks caused kind of a sound that was noticed and that's how an investigation was noticed, according to the "chronicle." they believe it is isolated and they'll replace all 15 joints and the east span has 12 similar joints. those will be monitored and inspected. they don't inspect any problems there, but, still, keeping an eye on it. a recent check of the benicia bridge revealed no issue. that's the story live near the carquinez bridge. christie smith, "today in the bay." 6:15 right now. time to check the forecast as we give you a live look outside at san jose. look at that sun. looks blazing hot. that's what it is going to be
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today. well, maybe not blazing. maybe just a little warmer than we felt in a while. >> i'm going to say blazing. blazing. 90s for us here in the bay area, maybe we're just spoiled. maybe because we're used to having really nice weather. in the summertime, as per usual, it gets pretty warm. taking a live look at at&t park. that is the place to be if you want to beat the heat for the next seven to eight days. it is going to be very, very warm. above average, in fact. so, yeah, the coast is the place to get to, if you can. temperatures there in the 70s and 80s and meanwhile we're talking about the triple digits in the warmest cities across the bay area, but look at this, just a lovely, lovely sunrise coming and full sunshine at this point over the south bay and temperatures are going to be hot later on today out in the east bay. 91 degrees. we'll be somewhere in the middle between your coastal cities, what we're expecting around the bay and here in the south bay later on. so, 86 degrees for us and 91 in your extreme spots and have to
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love the microclimate. as we head throughout the next couple days, temperatures will get hotter and then that heat will start to break, but not until this big ridge of high pressure starts to break down as we get to the end of next week. hot air peaking on saturday and sunday and a few degrees away from your triple digits we have on sunday. this is how it all works out. temperatures, mike, look at this, up to 100 degrees early for that in the tri-valley and not even summertime just yet. that occurs on the 21st of this month. but grab those shades on your way to work this morning. over to you. >> you talk about seasons. microseasons. so we're looking at 100 degrees. summer that day. that's what i consider in the tri-valley. south bay is light right now and sunrise coming up and it's warming up and traffic is not that bad. look at the maps in the same area north 101 coming up past 680 where our camera is right now. stretch of 55 miles per hour and the build for 87 and 85 hasn't kicked in and summertime traffic
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flow which is what we're starting to see as more schools leave for summer vacation and have that towards the later portion of the morning. over here on the east bay with the only slower spots we see. across the san mateo bridge, for example, let's look at the toll plaza side and looking at westbound. your commute starting to build through the sunny section heading in towards the haze and no delays across 92 and over on the east bay side maps through hayward shows you the sensors slowing and coming off of 238. typical pattern right here. no big drama, but looking pretty standard as you head down into union city and also slow out of the altamont pass and no surprises for the dublin interchange. pleasant wake up for folks and muni system back restoring all routes and services and including the cable cars and the trains and muni is back in service and b.a.r.t. is back to its standard service. no longer honoring the fares that we talk about. slowing on the approach and a live look out there. no big problems for the east shore freeway and slow around the berkeley curve and off the
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maze as you approach and even fastrak lanes are looking really light right now. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. okay, so, apparently the niners are big fans of colin kaepernick. if you haven't heard the niners have committed themselves to that quarterback. the franchise tweeting out this picture of him. six-year extension 61 mil is guaranteed and he could make a total of $126 million over the life of that contract. the extension will make him the league's second highest paid quarterback behind only whom? >> aaron rodgers. >> aaron rodgers, of course, the cal bear product, aaron rodgers. >> even the pen is famous. this weekend is going to happen. california chrome could be the first triple crown winner in 36 years. the central california-born horse will race in the belmont stakes on saturday and wear his signature nasal strip during
6:20 am
that race. breathe right is hoping to cash in on the nasal strip craze. didn't know it is a craze. an obsession with a horse. but not only co-sponsoring the belmont stakes but handing out 50,000 nasal strips. the horse version made by a different company. the horse has rather large ones. you can watch the belmont stakes this saturday right here on nbc bayiaria. our coverage will start at 1:30 in the afternoon. >> good to see breathe right is taking advantage. >> why not? >> when will you have this kind of platform for talking about nasal strips? 6:20 on "today in the bay" the bay area start up that wants you to invite strangers over for dinner. >> my kids are already doing that. taking a live look outside from the south bay this morning. oh, look at that. a little taste of summer in the bay area today. christina has a look at our microclimate forecast. a lot more news ahead, it's 6:20.
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welcome back, everyone. taking a live look outside from a distance there. that's right. the sun's up over the bay area. warming things up considerably. get a little taste of summer today and tomorrow and the next and, well, we'll find out with christina how long the heat wave is going to last. 6:23. this is basically a kid's worst nightmare. some students at palo alto high
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school may retake their algebra 2 final because of widespread cheating. teachers discovered text messages and pictures of answers to the test that were passed around beforehand. the school couldn't figure out which students cheated, so everybody, all of the skecores have been invalidated. students can keep the grades they had before the tests or retake it. mi publo emerged from bankruptcy. an injection of cash in order to restructure. mi pueblo led by ramirez who has decades of experience in the industry. the chain's founder will become the company's chairman. keep an eye on pandora stock price this morning. the tech company is now the focus of a justice department investigation. the doj is looking into the fees of pandora and services like it pay songwriters. the amount is a hot button issue that is multiple lawsuits. the reason pandora is at the center of it all is because it
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pays much less to stream music than other companies. pandora pays 4% of its music revenue to songwriters compare that to spotifiy which pays triple that, 12% and google pays up to 50% for music streamed on youtube. san mateo company has hired former skype ceo and microsoft executive tony bates to serve as second in command. he will support ceo and founder nick woodman. bates will focus on the core bsz. go pro filed for an ipo last month but has not announced an official date when it will go public. tesla ready to super charge its cars in china. it is now officially up and running. according the super charger station is the only one in the city located in a small technology park located next to tesla's new office. plans for new stations in other parts of the country, as well.
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san francisco startp wants you to invite strangers over for dinner. a popular site that lets people rent out their homes or apartment short term and now the company is inviting hosts to organize group dinners by using the site. set the date and the price of the meals and the company just launched a house cleaning service in new york and l.a. company says so far it's just a temporary pilot program. i don't know, making dinner every night for the family, i don't know if i want to make it. >> the other question is, who is taking advantage of this if it were me eand i went to dinner, i might eat more than everybody es. >> good company, though. >> you want me to come over and eat a lot of food. >> pay more, we're all good. okay, right now it's 6:26 on "today in the bay." an update on breaking news. a man found dead in the middle of a south bay neighborhood. which intersection is being blocked off by police. just released to the newsroom, a moment of truth for general motors.
6:27 am
who is to blame for the company's deadly ignition problem and did anyone try to cover it up? we have the answers, next. live pictures right now of san rafael with lots of north bay drivers making their way into the city on a day that is supposed to be warming up quite a good bit. we'll hear from christina. >> might want to hit the city by the bay. the fog may cool you down. a look at those microclimate forecasts and the temperatures this morning. it's 6:27. at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal.
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and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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new this morning the muni sickout is almost over but will it end in time for your morning commutes? we ehave the answer coming up next. meanwhile, a comfortable morning but temps 10 to 15 degrees above average and the heat cranks all the way through next week. your full forecast in moments. and big changes for your south bay commute. look how it's stacking up in san jose. in the north bay, novato has a
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big change, as well. the east bay with the flow over there. we're tracking what's happening on the markets this morning. there we are live at the nyse. that's actually the owner, one of the owners of california chrome. he has the big belmont stakes this weekend. live at the nasdaq, ringing, doing the honors there. >> i was going to say, a distinctly western feel on the new york stock exchange. >> they're making money either way. it is thursday, june 5th, this is "today in the bay." and a good thursday morning to you i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. reports of a fiery explosion tearing through two homes in southern california. it's happening in oxnard in ventura county between santa barbara and santa monica.
6:31 am
according to "ventura star" no word on what sparked that explosion. a helicopter on the way and bring you updates as soon as we get them. a quick update on breaking news in the south bay. investigators are seeing if a hit and run ended up killing a man whose body was found on a remote road in san jose. the man was found face down in the road with visible injuries. he has not yet been identified. meanwhile, part of piercy road is closed while detectives comb through for evidence. no word yet on when that road might be reopening. bob redell has been at the scene for hours and a live update coming up in 15 minutes. general motors is giving answers to questions about its deadly ignition switch problem, including why did gm wait so long to go public and who is responsible for that delay. "today in the bay" tracie potts joins us live in washington, d.c., this morning. the results of the internal
6:32 am
investigation are being released as we speak. >> exactly to employees and then a news conference after that. we believe the ceo mary barra is still talking to her employees now, we expect to hear from her shortly on what this investigation found. according to sources, it will exonerate her specifically of any wrongdoing. she was really only at the helm of gm for a few months when all of this broke, but others could pay the price. new this morning we heard that 12 gm employees, at least a dozen will be fired or let go as a result of all of this, including ray who was the lead design engineer for those faulty ignition switches. he and another engineer had been on paid leave pending the outcome of this investigation. we also understand that they will not yet give information about the victim's compensation fund, at least that's what we were hearing from sources in advance. ken feinberg of the 9/11 victims' fund who was working on
6:33 am
that for families who were harmed by these faulty ignition switches. dozens of accidents, 13 people that we know of who were killed sources say this report is painful and it will provide a detailed chronology of what was going on for over a decade inside gm after they got the first reports of problems. we're standing by for that news conference at any moment. laura? >> that's what's amazing, tracie, over a decade. a time to check your forecast as we give you a live image right now outside of san jose. we heard mike earlier in the newscast talking about folks going to santa cruz and does that mean we might see some beachesque weather. >> mike inouye promotes anything and that's where the crowds end up. he's right on the money, as per usual. definitely one of those days and people can get out to the beach and our sun doesn't even set until 8:25. so, even if you get off work at
6:34 am
5:00 p.m., you're still talking about temperatures in santa cruz at 5:00 at about 75 degrees. so, it's going to be nice out there, if you have the luxury of hitting the beach. now, maybe you don't have the day off today. you have to get to work. you probably do want to make those plans to get to the coast or one of the cooler spots across the bay area as we get into this weekend. it's going to be hot. if you don't have an ac, you want to be clear to start. compressed marine layer burning off rapidly as the sun is out and as a result temperatures climb quickly for today. toasty afternoon inland and the coast will stay nice and cool. look at your difference, though, your temperatures. between the east bay 91 degrees and 70 degrees meanwhile in san francisco. a 20-degree dropoff between your coastal cities versus what we're expecting for you in the hottest inland spots. give you a preview of what to expect this saturday in santa cruz. the average high 85 and on sunday about 83 degrees. this is the place to be. we'll tell you what's happened across the bay area and some other spots that you can keep cool coming up. right now, though, send it back
6:35 am
to you mike, laura and sam. >> that's right, because it's time to check in with mike. happening now, because we've been talking about the muni strike. relief for frustrated strikers all returning to regular routes including the cable cars and that means the end of the three-stay sickout. tough for many commuters. >> commuters trying to get in and out of the city. do you think we'll see substantial improvement now that this happened? >> i think so. with a majority back in service and the majority of the buses back in service and a lot less lines and a lot less cross town traffic and we also have a lot happier people. that's the majority of what's going on out here. back to normal as far as the reports. he's a spokesperson for muni and 45 people called in sick and people always call in sick during a business day. there's another big impact to the muni service. all back in service including
6:36 am
the cars and trains all back to normal service. little delay for the outbound route there but keep that in mind for the subway. nothing unusual they typically have to to that during the course of the morning and then nothing unusual for the muni line. the slow down i saw for the last couple of minutes has cleared and the north bay looking very pleasant and lighter volume around the bay and top of your screen southbound 101 and they reopened the lane and fixing the giant pothole there as you travel south and, again, smoother drive across the carquinez and benicia bridges and the berkeley curve approaching the bay bridge toll plaza with a live look out there and you see you have a lot of folks waiting for you. fastrak lanes are moving quickly and a lighter flow there and an area past the coliseum northbound and southbound towards the bottom of your screen an easy drive through some haze and visibility is not a problem. maps show you a little slowing
6:37 am
and south past the san mateo bridge and a lighter flow around the rest of the bay including south bay with northbound 101 starting to show a little slowing. i say finally not because i'm happy about it, we expect slowing through the south bay and if it's too weird, something is going on. we have the normal flow of traffic. >> such a traffic guy perspective. >> you would never wish ill will on any driver. >> that's not my style. >> exactly. thanks a lot, mike. still ahead, black and orange update from amy g. >> speaking of which, a live image right now of mccovey cove. no one will dump balls there today because the giants aren't actually in san francisco, they are in cincinnati and they do have a trip coming up. nbc bay area honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting and public service and television journalism all from the society of professional journalists. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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hey is right. the giants in cincinnati finishing up a road trip. first pitch just about three hours from now. >> i'm wearing an orange tie. coincidence? i think not. amy gutierrez has our orange and black update from inside of the giants dugouts. good morning, everyone. your san francisco giants looking for a happy flight as they are finishing up a three-game series against the cincinnati reds and a seven-game
6:41 am
road trip before they head home back to at&t park and tomorrow they begin a ten-game homestand. they're going to face the mets, the nats and the rockies over the next week and a half. bumgarner on the hill today for the igiants. 9:35 a.m. his first pitch, pacific time. will madison have a month of june like he had a month of may? the giants certainly hope so as he was the national league pitcher of the month for may. the last giant to win this award was tim lincecum back in 2009. all right, here's a fun fact for san francisco giants fans. on this date in giants history, june 5th, 2002, the one and only barry bonds roped a first pitch grand slam. it was his 20th home run of the season and gave him soul possession of fourth place on the all-time home run list. it was number 587 and the giants went on to beat the padres that
6:42 am
day. 12-2. a good day in giants history. that's your giants update. i'm amy gutierrez for "today in the bay." coming up, breaki ing overnight a navy jet plunges into the pacific ocean off the california coast. how the pilot got out and alive. more breaking news this time in san jose. a man's body found on a busy street. which neighborhood is now roped off with crime scene tape. plus, cracks in the span. the safety problem on a bay area bridge that could give you a jolt during the next big earthquake. we'll be back.
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at 6:44. we begin with an update to breaking news. investigators hope the light of day will reveal more about what happened to a man whose body was found in a remote road in south
6:45 am
san jose. now the man was found on piercy road overnight. "today in the bay" bob redell has been along that road since it was dark out and, bob, evidence at the scene indicated it could be a deadly hit and run. >> that is one possible theory that san jose police is looking into. they're not going to know for sure, though, until the coroner arrives and we're just informed that is going to be another hour before the coroner arrives to go around the bend there at piercy road where this man was found early this morning. still trying to figure out whether it was a hit and run or a homicide. right now leaning towards hit and run. someone called 911 to report the body when officers arrived around 1:20. they found the man face down, partially on the road and partially on the curb, unconscious, not breathing. he, obviously, had injuries according to the police. the fire department declared him dead on the scene. as we mention police think this could be a hit and run and they won't know for sure until the
6:46 am
coroner arrives and turns him over and gets a better look at his injuries. >> somebody called it in and said they saw him there and there are some markz s in the middle of the roadway that could indicate a hit and run but too early to make that determination. >> they don't know if they were marks made at another time. police did find identification on the man that indicates he might be hispanic in his mid-30s. you notice that there are street lamps out here, but i spoke to a neighbor who said that they're not always on and when we were out here, they weren't on. it's not clear, though, whether this road was dark or dimly lit at the time when this man was killed out here. so, could have been a dark road early this morning here on piercy road. the san jose homicide unit is on the scene. they are continuing to handle this investigation until they determine it was a hit and run. if they don't determine it was a hit and run, it was a murder, they'll keep that investigation in their unit, but if it is a
6:47 am
hit and run and then the traffic investigation could be taking over. reporting live in south san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> be sure to give you updates on that. let's check your forecast on 6:37 on "today in the bay" live pictures of san jose and san francisco together again on what are the makes of a very nice day. >> very clear at the coast. >> yeah, looking really good. you know you have to love san fran a front and san jose because it is a 20 degree difference. if you're looking for the warmth you head inland and cooler weather you head to the coast. we're going to see some really hot weather today. i want to focus in on the hot spot, that is the tri-valley. microclimate forecast will show you for today the weather story. this is the hot spot, but temperatures even in the south bay up to about 86 degrees this afternoon. and that is warm enough to probably lead you and i've got dogs, though, yeah, they like to keep cool. they can't take those jackets
6:48 am
off. as we head throughout the day today let me give you an idea of how rapidly we're warming up. between noon and 3:00 p.m., you climb to 93 degrees and even after that sun sets, temperatures stay warm. 83 degrees at 6:00 p.m. and that is a good time to start to open up your windows in your home and by 9:00 p.m., 76 degrees. one of those nights might be hard to get to sleep in the city by the bay if you don't have an air conditioner and we'll keep the temperatures warming up as we head through the next few days. low 90s in the hot spots and triple digits on the way and as we get to the weekend high pressure brings in that hot air. set up right over us and that means if you want the cool ocean air and the sea breeze, you'll is to get right to the immediate coast and let me show you what to expect, though. surf's up this weekend. 85 on sunday and point reyes looking good, 66 degrees saturday and up to 70 on sunday and then the giants have a ten-game home stretch starting tomorrow. they're taking on the mets.
6:49 am
friday, saturday, sunday. temperatures are going to be comfortable out there at at&t park and then the washington nationals come to town. comfortable conditions and still have tickets for many of these games. you have to love at&t park, it's so beautiful out there, mike. >> good stuff out here. northbound 101 shows a slower drive and we're not a fan of a slow drive, but, look the south bay and things moving very nicely throughout. here's your slow down for north 101. a new stall reported at oakland road. a bad spot right in the focus of the commute and brought to one lane and chp has not yet arrived and waiting for more information from them. 85 coming up into saratoga and now your pattern is kicking frin the south bay. as we talked about as we approach vacation for a lot of these schools out here we'll see them and southbound 680 slowing through pleasanton and little lighter volume here keeps things moving nicely through the dublin interchange and no big drama and over towards the san mateo
6:50 am
bridge, a live look across the span there and look at traffic, nice facing here across the flat sections of the high rise. eastbound an earlier stall reported and a steady flow of traffic off the peninsula and get you back to the bay bridge and toll plaza there. the metering lights were turned on and slow out of the berkeley curve and nothing dramatic and look at these f aastrak lanes. a reason to get the transponder because cash payers are waiting longer to get into san francisco. back to you. breaking overnight a navy pilot now in the hospital after a jet crashed into the sea off of the coast of san diego. the super hornet went down as that plane was named as it was trying to make a late-night landing on to an aircraft carrier. the pilot was able to eject out of the plane before it crashed into the water. this is the second military plane to crash in southern california in just one day, mind you. cell phone cameras captured the massive flames in imperial valley after a marine jet slammed into homes yesterday
6:51 am
afternoon. the pilot in this crash also managed to safely eject himself and, amazingly, no one on the ground was hurt. 6:50 a developing story in canada where an all-out search is under way right now for a gunman on the loose. the suspect is wanted for killing three police officers and injuring two others in a spray of bullets. it's all happening on the eastern coast of canada north of nova scotia. "today in the bay" pegga bunker joins us in our studio with one family that witnessed the shooting in front of their house. just amazing, peggy. >> i don't think this family was ever expected to witness what they did seeing a rambo-style shooter draped in guns shooting five canadian police officers and killing three of them. this kind of violence unprecedented in the quiet, idealic town of moncton. began at 7:00 p.m. last night when police responded to calls about a heavily armed man crawling through backyards and crossing people's driveways. the man started shooting at police and one family innocently
6:52 am
watching police activity from their window filmed it all on their phone and caught the shooting on tape, later posting that to facebook. pretty scary to listen to what this family witnessed. >> do you see him? >> he shot him. >> he shot him. >> call 911! >> call 911! >> they did call 911. police have been searching all night for the man they say is responsible. 24-year-old moncton resident justin bourque. they tweeted this picture of him. encouraged everyone to go on lockdown in that neighborhood. shot three officers, two are in the hospital with injuries, they are expected to survive. the royal canadian mounting police are devastated at the loss of their colleagues. >> three officers were shot and
6:53 am
killed. two other officers were also injured, but their life is not threatened at this time. >> you can see how tough this is for them. just so unusual for this to happen in this area. police have been looking all night for bourque. this type of violence is something they don't see in this area, they don't see in canada that much. in that one town they haven't had a homicide in two years. moncton was once named the most polite city in canada. back to you. >> thank you very much, peggy. leaders of the va hospital in palo alto are holding a meeting to make sure that the peninsula facility is not like other va hospitals across the country. the meeting comes just days after a scathing report found 1,700 veterans using a phoenix va hospital were kept on secret waiting lists. with the majority having to wait two weeks just to be seen. the report cited similar problems at hospitals nationwide. according to palo alto weekly
6:54 am
established patients have to wait five to six days to be seen at the palo alto facility. in the meantime, the acting va secretary will visit the embattled phoenix facility today. sloan gibson will meet with staff members that hospital and talk about the allegations that numerous veterans died while waiting to get aaappointments. gibson who took over friday after secretary eric shinseki resigned said they reached out to veterans who were placed on those secret waiting lists. pg&e will face new charges with the deadly 2010 pipeline explosion in san bruno. the utility company told nbc it is waiting for federal prosecutors to file a super seeding indictment. it's not clear what the new charges are. in april the utility company was indicted on charges that it knowingly violated federal pipeline safety laws. well, new concerns for drivers who use bay area bridges this morning. a relatively new seismic joint
6:55 am
on the carquinez bridge is showing some signs of wear and tear. >> not what drivers want to hear. the joint is about ten years old, but supposed to last 20. that type of joint is similar to the new joints on the new span of the bay bridge. "today in the bay" christie smith joins us live near the carquinez bridge this morning with the details on it. good morning. >> good morning to you, laura and sam. i just got off the phone with the cal trans spokesperson and the joints are supposed to last 20 years. this one that we're talking about this morning made it just under ten and a number of theories as to why that may be. they're looking at possibly the rumbling of heavy trucks in the slow lane because that's where the damage is. this is actually on the vallejo side westbound carquinez bridge. the joint is designed to expand and contract and absorb movement during an earthquake. one of 90 pins is damaged under the roadway and the structure just opened in 2003. bridge spokesman bob haues just told me by phone it is safe.
6:56 am
>> showing up the expansion joint. so, the extension joint right now is perfectly fine. and there's no danger whatsoever. we are going to be putting in a repair project as soon as we can. and we're working out the details of that right now. >> details mean there is a similar design on the new eastern span of the bay bridge, but he says that one is much more modern and also on the benicia bridge he describes that as more simple. he says both of those have been inspected and crews are not seeing similar issues there, but they will continue to monitor all the bridges. reporting live near the carquinez bridge, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks, appreciate it. 6:56. a final check of the day's top stories this morning. investigators shut down a road to investigate what they are calling a suspicious death. a man was found dead in the road overnight with "visible
6:57 am
injuries." he's not been identified. 23 firefighters and 11 civilians were hurt in a massive fire that destroyed three townhouses on staten island overnight. witnesses said that a man even tossed two children from a burning building out the window. officials say everybody actually should survive. the ceo of general motors sent 15 employees have been fired over the recent ignition switch recalls. the announcement came as the ceo released findings of an investigation into why it took the company more than a decade to report the switch failures, which it blames for 13 deaths. lots of big news going on nationally right now. locally we were just taking nice weather and say thank you very much. >> well, you're welcome. you're welcome. >> thank you very much. >> i love my job here. you had to work in miami to get here, but i can tell you, much easier. a good-looking forecast shaping up and that's why we pay the big bucks for the landscape in the
6:58 am
bay area. 82 degrees for the peninsula today, 72 in san francisco and 93 in the east bay. and i can tell you that triple-digit heat just around the corner and we'll take you through that forecast when we meet back here tomorrow morning. we'll be back. >> that's right. >> and mike has a look at that morning commute. >> christina talking about the beautiful weather. people coming from all over the country to see sites like this. they want to see the golden gate bridge. we often have fog and that's what we have right now just at that neck as you're coming across from the north bay. easy flow of traffic. the muni service back on its normal service. same thing for the cable cars and one delay right now because of an issue with one train, typical stuff going on for muni. the rest of the bay moving very lightly and very easily. southbound direction typical build pattern over the lighter flow. great stuff. >> i'm getting some visuals,
6:59 am
yes. where are you going with that? >> north bay high school taking school spirit to a brand-new level. ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ ♪ >> let's try that in the newsroom. >> yeah. >> every student took part in this video at redwood high school. it only took two takes. at the end of the video they used a drone to eventually show off the entire student body. look at that. to watch the entire video head to our website let the record reflect everybody on this side of the desk was dancing just now. >> i guess i don't consider what i was doing dancing. >> yeah, right. >> moving. >> don't take it personally, mike. >> the reason why we have that video rolling. that's what's happening
7:00 am
"today in the bay." back at 7:25 with a live local news update. no 11:00 a.m. news this morning. we're herring the french open. nbc bay area news at 5:00 tonight. we'll see you then. have a great day. military jet crashes into a california neighborhood exploding into a massive fireball. at least three homes destroyed, amazingly no one injured. investigators are at the scene. members are called to a late night briefing to see a late night briefing on sergeant bergdahl. his hometown can sells its homecoming celebration. what did they know? when did they know it? this morning general motors is out with the information into


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